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To ensure the highest possible quality, here are some all important do's and don'ts to consider:

1. The quality of your mixes is very important, so remember that if your mixes are unbalanced and bad quality, there is very little that mastering can do to improve it.

2. Your final mixes should not have any additional processing such as: Normalising, Equalisation, Compression, Limiting or Finalizing. All of these elements will be added during the mastering process.

3. We accept any of the following high quality audio file formats: WAV, AIFF, SDII at 16 or 24 bit sample rates, or higher. [ Note: We do not accept MP3 or WMA files as they are of a compressed, substandard quality and not suitable for high end mastering.]

4. We recommend that if you intend to compress your audio files prior to uploading, that you use the Windows RAR/Winzip format which can compress your files without loss of quality.

Free Download WinRAR for WINDOWS - Click HERE
Free Download RAR for MAC OS - Click HERE

The most important person to us is you and we need to know exactly what your expectations are of the music you are sending to us. Music is subjective and therefore the more guidance we have from you at the beginning, the better the end result. So we ask you to take the time to fill out the Special Instructions portion of your on-line order form and up-load page. To listen to 'before' and 'after' mastering samples please click HERE.


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