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Q. Why can't I master my music myself?
A. Professional mastering brings a fresh set of experienced ears to your project. Without professional mastering, your music will probably sound a bit dull and mastering will
unlock the full sonic potential of your music. Our skilled engineers will tweak your productions with a superb array of professional audio equipment which will give them added punch, spectral balance, depth and volume.

Q. Can you master any kind of music genre?
A. We have worked with just about every genre of music available across the board, so we are highly experienced at bringing out the best in all types of music. Don't forget that if you have any special requirements, you can tell us about them when you order. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss further.

Q. Should I give you the track with compression and limiting already done?
A. No. If you send us a compressed and limited track, the process is irreversible leaving very little headroom available to work with. We would prefer that you send an uncompressed final mix. Don't worry, your master will be loud when we have finished. To See our do's and don'ts section click here.

Q. What type of files do you work with?
A. We accept any of the following high quality audio file formats:
WAV, AIFF, SDII at 16 or 24 bit sample rates, or higher. [ Note: We do not accept MP3 or WMA files as they are of a compressed, substandard quality and not suitable for high end mastering.]

Q. How long will it take to upload my tracks?
A. This will all depend on the number of tracks and the type of internet connection you have along with the time of day you upload, but if you have a fast broadband connection, it should not take too long.

Q. What sampling frequencies do you work with?
A. We can work with audio files with a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz or higher and a bit rate of 16 or 24 bit. (Our ProTools will not accept 32 bit files)

Q. If I have a slow internet connection, can I send you a CD or DAT master tape instead?
A. Yes, no problem. Simply go through the ordering process as usual on our website, select the number of tracks to be mastered and press the 'Buy Now' button. After payment, you will be re-directed to the site and instead of pressing the 'Upload' button just use the 'By Post' address provided on this page.

Q. How will I know when I can download my finished masters?
A. We will send you an email with a link to download your mastered tracks.

Q. How long will my mastering take?
A. We will endeavour to master and have your tracks ready for download within five working days.

Q. What if I need my finished masters back by a certain date?
A. Because we understand that some clients, record and production companies work to tight schedules, why not take advantage of our pre-paid, scheduled option by pre-booking studio time in our diary. This way we can ensure that your finished master is ready for you on a specified date. Please do contact us if you wish to pre book studio time and book the dates in advance. You can then pay and upload your tracks in the usual way via our website. Of course, you also have the option to send us your mixes by post.

Q. What is a CD Production Master?
A. A CD production master is not the same as a normal CD. It is encoded with all your ISRC codes and the CD is created in real time. The CD is then played back in it's entirety in real time to make sure there are no errors. The Production Master CD is used to make the glass master for mass production.

Q. Can you provide me with a CD Production Master?
A. Yes, we offer this on our eMastering order page.



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